Thyroid problems have become quite common nowadays, and there are people that are not aware that they have them.

The thyroid gland is a critical part of the body because every single cell in the body has receptors for the thyroid hormone. The thyroid is responsible for the energy and metabolic functions.

Thyroid gland issues can be treated with the help of proper diet, regular exercise, reduced stress and rest.

However, consulting a holistic doctor is what you need to do in order to discover effective treatments.

In this article, read about a few ways to naturally heal your thyroid.

  1. Increase the intake of vitamins K2, D and A. These vitamins are critical for the thyroid hormones and health in general. New research has proven that if there is lack of these vitamins, it can cause thyroid issues.
  2. Sea vegetables like seaweed. Regular consumption of algae and similar sea vegetables like kombu, nori, and wakame is recommended since they are abundant in iodine and are very nutrients dense.
  3. Coconut oil. This oil is excellent for cooking since it doesn’t interfere with the conversion of T3 to T4. This oil promotes weight loss, supports the immune system and improves the metabolism. You need to take one tablespoon a day at the minimum.
  4. Stay away from gluten. Gluten could cause autoimmune response in certain individuals. Moreover, it is believed that it causes Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is a common thyroid disorder.
  5. Consume Bone Broth per day. Consuming this is going to promote your immune system and seal and heal the intestinal mucosa, which are critical for optimal thyroid health. Thereby, make sure to drink it combined with some seal salt and seaweed flakes on a daily basis.
  6. In case the thyroid problem is because of a severe depression, trauma, constant stress or disturbing news, you need to try certain relaxation techniques such as tai chi, meditation or yoga.

Furthermore, do not consume peanuts and peanut butter since they contain goitrogens.


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