Cheiromancy, usually called palmistry, may have originated in India. From there, the practice was carried over to Europe, Northern Africa, Persia, Greece and China. By reading the lines of the palm, this practice reveals person’s future. The presence of the letter “M” is one especially good portent, formed by the intersection of the fate line, heart line, head line and life line.


Overall, this sign is considered that the bearer is especially lucky and intuitive – to attract abundant wealth easily, good fortune, kae excellent business partners etc.

If we compare woman and man with this sign, woman will definitely be the most intuitive of the two. People with the “M” excel in careers that actually requires motivation, ambition and seeing through deception.

However, this sign is considered to mean more than just intuition and luck, these people have especial facility for magic. Many ancient mystics and prophets are said to have had “M” signs.

Relax the hand and look directly in the center of the palm in order to determine if a person has the “Lucky M”. The fate line runs straight from the base of the ring finger down toward the wrist, the heart line curves beneath the bases of the fingers, the head line originates at or near the top of the life line and then runs across the palm horizontally, the life line is the line curving around the base of the thumb.

These lines together have to from the shape of the letter ‘M’. The non-dominant hand reflects the inner self and the emotions of the person. The dominant hand actually presents someone’s outward personality. The letter “M” may be present on both, one or neither hand.

Plenty of laypeople and palmists claim that palm lines really mean wealth and good luck. Palmistry is still extremely fascinating art that has managed to survive many years of suppression, appropriation and reinterpretation despite one believes in the truth or not.

Source: Positive Med

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