Today we are going to present you the best exercises that will help you shape your booty like never before:


There are amazing dynamic exercises which are activating the glutes and proving good cardio workout. The only thing that you need is little higher platform than the knees, but you may begin with lower platform at first till you get comfy with the move.

Rear Leg Lifts

Step on the knees and forearms, then lift the leg off the ground and push your foot toward the ceiling. Bring your leg back down smoothly under control and then substitute between the legs.


This exercise is hitting the glutes hard. Just lie on the back with the feet lodged comfortably on the floor and knees jagged upwards. Raise the butt off the ground till only the feet, head and shoulders are touching the ground. Make sure that you are pushing the hips really high as you actually can and squeeze the glutes at the highest move.

Do This Exercises And Shape Your Booty Effectively In Record Time!

Deep Squats

While doing squats by using bodyweight, it’s always good to low as possible while keeping the back straight. This method is ensuring the maximum glute activation. The posture need to be little wider than the shoulder width or even little wider, and when lowering down you should keep your spine straight as much as possible.

Cossack Lunges

It’s a perfect way for improving the balance and flexibility while your butt and legs are doing serious job. Begin with the legs a couple of feet wider than the shoulder width apart, then just shift the weight to one side as you are squatting down on the leg and make sure to keep your other leg  straight. Once you get the bottom position, point your toes of your straight leg uphill. Do the same thing on the other side and keep alternating.

Pile Squats

You should point the toes outwards and then take wide stance. Simply bend the knees in a direction of the toes. When you no longer see the toes, simply stand up.


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