If you had the chance to determine the state of your inner organs with the help of a simple kitchen utensil, and all for free, would you do it? You don’t need much, just a plastic bag and a spoon, and a minute of your time to find out the state in which your inner organs are. You can check the state of your intestines, hormones, metabolism, respiratory system and your kidneys in just a minute, at your own home.


In order to do this, first you need to scrape your tongue, the part which is near the throat and back of the tongue would be the best using the front side of your spoon. You need to collect saliva. Then, wrap the spoon into the plastic bag. Then, make sure the spoon is under a light, covered in the bag all the time. The results will be better if the light bulb is stronger. Wait for one minute. When the minute passes, take the spoon. If it is clean then all is good. However, you also need to smell the saliva. If it smells normally, like saliva does, everything is OK, but if not, you might want to keep reading.

If the spoon is:

  1. Orange- it could indicate kidney problems, like chronic renal disease.
  2. Purple- it could be a sign of bronchitis, poor circulation and high cholesterol.
  3. White- it could indicate a respiratory infection.
  4. White or thick yellow- it could be a sign of imbalance in the mouth or thyroid problem.

Moreover, if the spoon smells bad, that could just be a sign of poor oral hygiene. In that case you need to brush your teeth, floss and gargle twice on a daily basis. Nevertheless, bad smell can also indicate:

  1. Sweet smell can be a sign of diabetes or high blood sugar
  2. Ammonia smell can indicate kidney issues
  3. Other smells point ti lung or gastric problems.

Obviously, you cannot determine without question if your thyroid is affected, or if you have kidneys problems or a strep throat with the help of a spoon in your kitchen. However, these results can help you determine if your body is in distress, thus prompting you to seek medical advice.

The natural approach to health care is recommended and notable because it may be familiar to people in the Western world, but it might not be the most effective way and it can sometimes cause even more problems.

Nevertheless, if you still doubt about this type of tests, you need to know that Western science is beginning to support the usage of tongue analysis for determining complete body health. The Chinese have been using this method for more than 5,000 years.

This test is very simple and little invasive, so you needn’t have any problems doing it. However, you could find it difficult if you have a disinclination towards scraping the tongue. To add, this test is not going to substitute the diagnosis of a health professional. Thus, if you think that something is wrong, you need to seed medical advice. What you need to remember is that you need to prioritize your health, and that proper hydration, balanced and healthy plant-based diet, consistent body movement and adequate rest can soothe a number of health issues.

Source: Human Health


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