In theory, everybody thinks that weight loss is very simple. You exercise for 1 hour, or you go to run, or anything that will make you “feel the fat burning”.

If it was so simple, why a lot of people are struggling with weight loss?

How it’s possible for some people to not be able to burn fat even If they spend many hours exercising?

We will show you 3 steps that are going to help to lose excess fat: Release, Delivery, and Burning.

Do These Three Things Correctly To Jumpstart Fat Loss?

These are the 3 things that need to happen:

Activation of the process called lipolysis. Fat must be released from the fat cells.

The delivery process – The fat needs to be delivered through the bloodstream to the mitochondria.

The fat burning must start. This process is called lipid oxidation.

Most of the people are not aware about these steps when they occur. The first process must occur, so the other can take place. The fat is released with exercising, but that doesn’t mean that it is burned. The fat can re-circulate through your body and re-store once again.


Exercise is the main event that activated fat release or Lipolysis. If you are not exercising regularly you will waste your efforts and valuable time. No matter what type of exercise you prefer, any of them accomplishes the first process. All 3 steps will occur when you exercise, but you shouldn’t think about the fat burned during the exercise, but for the burned fat after exercising.


The most difficult thing is the removal of subcutaneous fat. For women it is the butt, thighs, and hips. For men are the love handles. In these areas the blood flow is very low. The visceral fat is in our belly and is very easy to remove it, because it’s right next to the blood stream. Fat can be easily picked up and burned. However, subcutaneous fat is harder to burn because these areas is poorly perfused. The best exercise for you to be able to burn the fat from these areas is high intensity and short duration exercises. This will improve your blood flow in these areas.


It’s arguable to say which of these steps is the most important, but in the 3rd step you need to get all benefits from your exercising. Many hormones are involved and will dictate if the fat needs to circulate and restore or to be burned. The fat must go to the mitochondria and get burned. Most important thing for fat loss is the management of insulin.

Enough science, let’s talk about what you have to do about it:

Meal timing is important whether you exercise for fat loss or muscle gain. This is thing that most people are doing it wrong.

For those who want to increase strength, carbs and protein before and after the exercising are optimal. To get the most of the workout, be sure to eat carbohydrates before the workout. Eating carbs after the workout will aid recovery and muscle building.

For those who want to lose fat, eating right after and before the workout is detrimental for their goal.

If you are doing an interval style exercising, you already achieved the first 2 steps and you are ready for the 3rd. If you start to eat right after your workout, the fat burning process will stop immediately. The body will shift from burning the fat to the energy from your meal. The fat won’t be burned, but it will be circulated and restored in the body.

Same goes if you are having large meals before metabolic workouts. The body will start to use the energy from your meal instead of using your excess fat as main fuel for the workout.

The best method for fat burning will be metabolic type of workout without meal before. This workout should be with high intensity and should not last longer than 30 minutes. After the exercising, keep moving for another 30 minutes. Go and walk in the park with your dog or something like that. Post-workout low-intensity movement will make your body to burn a lot more calories.



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