You probably take good care of the boarding pass before the flights starts when you using an airplane to get from point A to pint B. This is really logical because without the pass you will not be allowed to step into the plane by the company.

Once we enter the plane, the situation is much different because we’ve passed the checks and we not need it. People often put it in some magazine found in the plane, or put it together with things they need to throw away or fold it.

You will probably think twice before you toss the boarding pass despite it seems totally natural.

Apparently, sensitive personal information is written on the boarding pass. We are not able to see them because it is encrypted.

Krebs on Security is the website that shared this information.

The encrypted information on the boarding pass provide access email and home addresses, personal phone number and other things that we do not want to share publicly.

However, it would be really easy for some hackers to find out how to access your bank account. So, keep your personal information safe by watching the video below.

We really want to encourage you to share this extremely useful article with your friends and family because some simple actions can actually result in such difficulties.

Source: Health And Love Page

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