Nights are great for watching Netflix, chatting on your phone, going on dates – you name it. However, do you know that nights are also great for setting better and bigger weight loss results? Follow these tips and lose weight faster:

Do These 6 Simple Things Everyday And Lose The Excess Weight While You Sleep!

Do a Nighttime Workout

We all know that sweating is helping us to lose pounds, but many of us think that exercising before going to bed is going to keep us awake during the night. According to a survey made by the National Sleep Foundation in 2013, 56-67% of the active people are more likely to get a good sleep, no matter if they were exercising before going to bed.

Pack Your Lunch

The average restaurant meals contain twice the amount of calories you need for one meal, according to a study made in 2013. If you want to lose weight restaurant meals are not going to help you, but not everybody has time in the morning to make his own lunch. That’s why you should save yourself from that midday diet-wrecker and prepare your lunch the night before. A Mason jar salad will be perfect choice for your goal.

Drink a lot of water

Large amount of water will help you to get rid of any excess liquids in your body. But since nobody wants to end up the night going to the bathroom all the time, our advice is to stop drinking water 1 hour before going to bed. A good sleep is crucial for your weight loss.

Make your bedroom super dark

Super dark bedroom will help your body to produce much more melatonin, which is a hormone that promotes production of calorie burning brown fat. Complete darkness in your bedroom will boost the weight loss process.

Sleep in cooler bedroom

According to a study made by National Institute of Health Clinical Center, people who slept in a 75 degrees bedroom, burned 7% less calories, than those who are sleeping in a 66 degrees room. 7% is not much, but it will help you to lose weight.


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