Having a stuffy nose can be very unpleasant and people suffering from it have the impression that it will last forever. The sinuses get blocked for various reasons, including allergies, colds and even weather changes. People usually turn to conventional medicine, but there are other options as well. If you are suffering from stuffy nose or ears, or have a stuffy head, you can soothe the pain by applying pressure on a particular point.


  1. Press Between Your Eyebrows Using Your Tongue

In case of an allergy or a cold, it is important to remove the fluid from the head, thereby we use allergy and nose-clearing pills. As an alternative to pills, people need to try and stimulate the pressure point which will eliminate mucus.

Reddit user gymfork states that it is at this point acupressure comes in. In our mouths, there is a point that is perfect for sinus problems. We can promote fluid flow and allow our nose to breathe freely just of we apply some pressure on that specific point.

Gymfork suggests pushing the tongue against the roof of your mouth, while pressing your finger against the skin found between your eyebrows at the same time. You need to hold the pressure for 20 seconds and you will soon feel relief. When you soften your finger and release the tongue, you are going to feel that the accumulation softens.

Dr. Joseph M. Helms says that the points which is located between the eyebrows is where the nasion is located and it is called Yintang acupoint.

  1. Pressure the Point Across the Eyebrows

Apart from the Yintang acupoint, there is also another pressure point that will help you in case of a stuffed sinuses. Just start moving towards the highest reaches of the head and apply pressure on this point. This is going to clear both your upper sinuses and nose.

Amber Lynn Vitale, who is a massage therapist says that by making this movement, we stimulate the stuck fluid.

All you need to do is put your fingers at each eyebrow’s beginning and bend forward so that your head rests on the elbows. When you start feeling the pressure shift, move the fingers towards the middle of the eyebrows.

Apply pressure till you get the feeling of a slight lightness. Next, move the fingers towards the end of the eyebrows. You can either move the fingers in small circles or hold a steady pressure so as to stimulate the flow the fluid from your forehead.

  1. Allow Yourself a Mini-Massage

Heather Wibbles, who is also a massage therapist, can eliminate fluid from your head with the help of some quick rubs.

With the help of your fingers, make repeated and firm pushes against the notch of the collarbone so as to make the fluid to move downward. You will know that the massage is working when you feel the need to clear the throat and there is a sudden release of pressure from your ears.

Moreover, there is also another technique if you find this uncomfortable. Cross your hands to make a V shape and release the lymph fluid by doing the same pumping movement on the sides of the neck. Performing these techniques creates a suction in the lymphatic system, thus vacuuming the fluid which is found in your head.

Keep the Sinuses Moving!

In case you are afflicted with blocked or stuffed sinuses, regardless of the reason, try applying some pressure on certain points and try to eliminate the problem in this way, and do not take medications before you have tried something else.

Source: FHFN

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