Flexibility, mobility and stability are terms that are often more found in fitness. These three motor functions are related to each other, so here’s a mutual definition for all of them:

Flexibility :

It generally refers to the length of the muscles when it comes to improving the range of motion in the joints. It’s best improved through stretching, but it’s only a one part of the total mobility.

Mobility :

This is referring to how the muscles should move correctly when you exercise in full motion. The mutual function of the muscle tension, muscle length-flexibility / quality of the tissue and how the nervous system is controlling the wrists, affects the mobility. This is why the stretching is used to increase the muscle length and for increased dynamic mobility / and corrective exercises in order to allow the nervous system to manage the muscles correctly. All this is necessary for joint mobility which is key to effective exercising.


Stability :

When it comes to stability, it’s better for your joints to be properly used so during physical activity the bone will absorb most of the stress rather than to compensate by using tendons, muscles and ligaments to take over that function. Then injury to the soft tissues may appear.

You should make sure you have adequate mobility of the joints, it leads to a better joint stability and thus will enhance the your overall effect and power.

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