And decades after her death, Marilyn Monroe is still the symbol of femininity and beauty. The men around the world admire her and the women want to have a body with natural curves like her.

Marilyn was tall 66 inches and weighed about 108 pounds. She has never been skinny and fat (as our actresses and models nowadays). However, Marilyn had a special diet plan and exercises that kept her in a good shape.

The nutrition of Marilyn Monroe

In 1952, when she was 26 years old, she was interviewed by the “Pageant” magazine where she revealed the secret for her perfect form.

“Before I take a shower, I’m warming a glass of milk in my hotel room. After that I put two eggs in the milk, mixing with a fork, and I drink while I am dressing. In addition I take a multivitamin tablet, and I think that every doctor would recommend you such a healthy breakfast for a busy girl, ” said Marilyn.

marilyn monroe

She usually skipped the lunch and stopped at the market for dinner. She bought steak, lamb or liver where she boiled the meat with five fresh carrots. And that’s all.

However, because she ate a little during the day, and almost completely protein food, she ate an ice cream with warm dressing before go to bed.

Marilyn’s workout

“Honestly, I have never thought that I have a perfect body; until recently and did not think about it. My biggest concern was to eat enough. I have exercises at least 10 minutes with weights every morning. I found a few exercises for the muscles that I want to have strengthened, and I know that they’re perfect for me because I feel that I activate the right muscles while exercising, “Marilyn said in an interview.

,, When I get up, every morning I lie down on the floor beside the bed and start with the first exercise for strengthening the chest. I took a pair of 5 pound hand weights for fitness training and lifted from the position with open arms bringing them over her head-make 15 repetitions.

After this exercise, I start the second one where I am starting from the position with the hands over my head and then putting the hands with weights in front of me at angle of 45 degrees and make a circular motion until I get tired. I do not count rhythmically as people practice on the radio; I don’t like it to feel like under regime, ” explained Marilyn.


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