Most of the people are throwing away the peels when preparing their potato meals. This is an ideal alibi to use the peels.

As years pass by, white hair happens all naturally. However, nothing is as accurate as aging factor, despite many people blame their children for this condition, lack of sleep and stressful life routine.


Get Rid of Your White Hair 100% Naturally

Numerous hair dyes used for completely coverage of the hair are present on the market. These products are full of harmful chemicals that damage your hair and they only have temporary effect. You should naturally take care of the white hair as you take care of the body health.

There is nothing better than natural solution for the hair care, with no counter effects on the hair and the scalp. The remedy that we will present you today contains only potato peels.

Preparation of the Remedy

The first thing you should do is to peel 6 potatoes and place the peels in a pot with ½ gal of water. Cook the mixture until it boils and afterwards let it to simmer for 5 min. It will take a total of 20 min. Let it cool down and some essential oil like lavender for better smell (optional).


Remember: you can this natural remedy if you only have liveliness, gray or brittle hair. Wash your hair as usual and then by massaging it well both on the total hair and scalp, apply the potato water without washing it after. For best and fast results, use this extremely powerful remedy every day or few times a week and you will notice the results in no time.

This 100% natural and powerful will not damage your hair the way the chemicals dyers are. Believe or not, but it is really possible to return the color of your hair with this miracle. Have a nice day and enjoy your hair like never before.


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