Today we decided to present you some beauty myths to get more gorgeous. Many of the craziest beauty myths and urban legends are true.

Certain foods may cause or worsen acne

A diet that is full of chocolate and greasy foods is, not good, for your body and is also regarded as ,,acne causing,,. But the truth is different. There isn’t food list that cause acne. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different type of food. Follow and keep track your diet and take notes which food causes irritation or pimples to your skin.

Wrinkles can be caused by rubbing the eyes

When you rubbing your eyes, it doesn’t mean that you will get wrinkles at the moment, but creasing the skin around your eyes back and forth and the pulling motion lead to premature aging during the years. As we mentioned above, you will not develop wrinkles if you once rub your eyes, but we will recommend you to leave that bad habit and build a a new healthy one.

beauty myths

Tights buns and ponytails can make your hair fall out

Fall out of the hair can be caused by pulling the scalp where the root can lead to scarring hair loss, which is irreversible situation. However, we advise you to sub out your topknot on a proper ways that will save your strands.

If you want to have thicker and stronger hair, rinse it with beer

Hops and barley that are used for a beer are rich in proteins and vitamins that help hear appear stronger, shiner and thicker. Alcohol is an excellent cleansing agent where the beer works to widen and swell the hair shaft till next wash – which represents the cheapest product.

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