Today there is good news if you say that coffee is your favorite drink. Most of the people abuse the consumption of alcohol by drinking more than they should. However, we are all aware about the negative effects.

Coffee To Reverse Liver Damage

This is the main reason why many people acquire liver cirrhosis and other diseases.

The newest research that was conducted in the UK explains that the consumption of two cups of coffee daily may reverse the damage of your liver caused by alcohol (cirrhosis).

The Research Finds Relations Between Coffee And Liver Damage

The UK research analyzed 10 studies with more than 400 000 participants. It proved that the consumption of two cups of coffee can decrease the risk for the disease by 44%. This is absolutely perfect information for those who love coffee. A lot of people die from cirrhosis usually caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, along with others such as:

-         Hepatitis infections

-         Immune diseases

-         Fatty liver

There is no cure for liver disease so people who suffer from this disease have their life in danger. The consumption of coffee has an important role in lowering the risk of developing cirrhosis, says the professor Dr. Oliver Kennedy from Southampton University and lead author of the study.

Coffee is cheap, ubiquitous and most of the people tolerate this beverage. So it becomes easier to beat cirrhosis because coffee is also well loved by most of the people.

Coffee Study And Cirrhosis

200 people who suffered from cirrhosis were divided into two groups:

-         You can decrease the risk for cirrhosis by 22% if you consume a cup of coffee per day

-         You can decrease the risk for cirrhosis by 57% if you consume 3 cups per day.

-         And if you consume 4 cups of coffee per day, you can lower the risk for the illness by 65%.

The results were compared to people who do not consume coffee. There are also things that should be considered, despite it is really good news:

-         Lifestyle of the drinker

-          Brewing technique

-         Beans Used

In the end, another study has proved that filtered coffee is far more beneficial and effective than boiled coffee in the fight against cirrhosis.
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Source: Steth News

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