The debate whether vaccines cause autism or not has been going on for decades, and there are parents which missed the constant admissions by governments and drug companies. Namely, we should mention that the biggest news outlets in America are owned by the people who also own the drug companies. It has been really difficult to find information which is propaganda-free.

MMR Vaccine causes Autism

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Austin, Texas is the first who made the link between autism and stomach disorder public. Moreover, he took his findings further and linked Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccines, autism and stomach disorders.

He made this discovery in 1996, and after a research which was published in 1998, this doctor found himself in the middle of a world-wide smear campaign by media companies, governments and drug corporations. Because of his discovery, Dr. Wakefield was prevented to legally practice medicine. However, he became best-selling author, the director of the Autism Media Channel and founder of the Strategic Autism Initiative.

Nevertheless, recently, vaccine manufactures, courts and governments have quietly confirmed that MMR vaccine does cause stomach diseases and autism. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies have paid a lot of money to victims hoping to keep them silent and compensate for their damage.

Grassroots Anger

Kathleen was a regular reader and she was the one who brought this story to our attention. However, she wasn’t the only one. This news has spread across the entire country very fast, despite all the media black-out. Kathleen said that she felt that everybody needs to know about this, and that vaccines have become mandatory in Washington State.

Landmark Decisions

Landmark announced two decisions in 2012 which confirmed the link between stomach disorders, autism and MMR vaccines. Unfortunately, it almost went unreported, but luckily independent media such as The Liberty Beacon published this groundbreaking news.

According to the website, the court ruled that Ryan Mojabi is to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars after he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder caused by MMR vaccine. Moreover, another case is the one of Emily Moller who was also given compensation because she also got autism.

The career and reputation of Dr. Wakefield have been destroyed and all because of false allegations. Nevertheless, he still works tirelessly in order to help with this autism catastrophe.

Dr. Wakefield said for the Liberty Beacon that there could be little doubt about the fact that vaccines could and did cause autism. He added that there is strong evidence that there had been an adverse reaction which involved brain injury after the MMR, which then progressed to autism. Governments have to stop playing when there are children involved.

Another Attack on Wakefield

Because of the fact that everybody has become aware of the side-effects of the MMR vaccine, parents refuse to have their children vaccinated. Dr. Wakefield was singled out earlier this year by the UK government and was blamed for the increased number of measles in the country. Dr. Wakefield responded to this publicly in 2013.

The video and the written transcripts were published by

He says that in 1996-97 he became aware that children developed autism after receiving MMR vaccine. He was worried so he started going through every study on MMR vaccines. He says that he was shocked with the quality of those studies. The quality was completely below standard. He remembers that he asked himself what he would do for his child. He says that back them single measles vaccines were available on the National Health Service, and any parent who doubted the safety of MMRs could get the single vaccine. Nevertheless, half a year later, the government withdrew the license for the single vaccines, and parents were left without a choice.

Dr. Wakefield was astounded by this decision and he asked Dr. Elizabeth Miller of the Health Protection Agency why they did that. Her answer was unexpected. She said that if they were to allow parents to choose, their MMR vaccine program would be destroyed. He was really disappointed when he discovered that the protection of the MMR program was more important that the protection of children.
Source: Ano News

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