There is nothing good when we talk about dry and dark skin. Most of the people are shamed from their dark skin patches on the elbows, underarms, knees and neck. These days many people are facing with this problem. The aging process, exposure to sun and pigmentation problem is the main reasons for these dark patches.


The skin around the elbows and knees is thicker and has large number of folds. Our skin has tendency to dry much more than usual when there are no oil organs around these patches.

The skin can also become darker around your knees and elbows due to improper care of your skin. Antiperspirants, some creams and shaving are the main reasons for darker underarms. Luckily, you can solve this issue with many home remedies, but today we are going to present you the most effective ones:

Natural Remedies for Darker Underarms


These veggies are excellent remedy that can lighten your skin. The combination between cucumbers and lemon juice will maximize the beneficial effects on your underarms. Cucumbers are relieving disturbance or tingling sensations where the lemon whitens your skin.


Make a mixture between juice of turmeric, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Turmeric will avert staining, cucumber will cool down the skin and lemon juice will whiten your skin and evacuate any dead cells. Simply apply the mixture to the affected parts of the body, let I dry for a few minutes and wash it off. You can repeat the procedure every day because this is 100% safe mode.

Chickpea flour mask

You can also whiten your underarms with the following extremely effective mask:


-      1 tbsp of yogurt

-      1 tbsp of lemon juice

-      2 tbsp of chickpea flour

-      1 pinch of turmeric


Mix all the ingredients and stir until your get homogenous mass. Apply the mixture on the affected area, let it stay for 60min and then wash it off.

This powerful mask will saturate, whiten and purge your skin. During the first two weeks, repeat the procedure only two times a week.

Natural remedies for darker skin on the neck

Aloe Vera

Most of the people know that Aloe Vera saturates the skin and acts like normal skin lightener. It also makes your skin lighter and decreases appearance of various skin spots. This plant repairs the skin and renews the body, due to its strong anti-cancer properties.


You should simple apply the gel from the plant around the neck and let it act for 20 min. Wash it off, repeat the procedure once per day and expect the results.

Baking Soda

This excellent skin exfoliant significantly rinses and whitens the dark stained skin. The combination between baking soda and water successfully uproots hyper pigmentation.


Make a mixture between 1 part of water and 3 sections of baking soda. Apply it on the neck, let it dry and then wash it off. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

Natural Remedies For Darker Skin On Your Elbows and Knees


Thanks to the large amounts of Vitamin C, lemon possesses powerful peeling properties. It regenerates the skin, removes the dead skin cells and tones the skin.


Gently rub the lemon juice on your elbows and knees for 3 min. Let it act for 20min and wash it off with warm water. In the end, apply some saturation cream.

For even better results, you can also make a combination between lemon juice and a tbsp of honey.


You can soothe and peel dead skin with sugar granules. This mask will help you to tone the skin.


Make a thick paste by mixing same amounts of sugar and olive oil. Apply it on your knees, elbows and rub for five min. Wash it off, repeat the procedure one time per week and expect the results.

Have a nice day and enjoy the power and the beauty of your body like never before!

Source: Natural Healthy Team

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