The latest scientific studies have shown that colon cancer is the most common type of cancer these days and is the same for both women and men. Even the modern western medicine can not find the cure for this issue. Surprisingly, a group of experts conducted an amazing study that left them speechless. The research has shown that coconut oil can destroy cancer cells by 93 percent after 2 days.

According to the Adelaide University in Australia, 50% of the coconut or the lauric acid destroys those 93% sick cells and that they are gone in just 2 days. This actually involved in vivo with rats and in vitro research in petri dishes. This acid makes oxidative stress and thus kills cancer cells. It makes the glutathione lower where the cancer cells depend on this.


On the other side, big pharmaceutical companies just profit of people and have no concern for free medicines.

The lauric acid is a fatty acid that kills bacteria, improves the immune system and is also present in mother’s milk.

According to the American Nutrition Association, coconut fats are excellent for preventing and curing Chron’s disease, cancer, biliary issues, herpes, mononucleosis, hepatitis, osteoarthritis and diabetes.

It also reduces the side effects after chemo therapy.


Before many years ago, hydrogenated oils and margarine producers had to find a way to make consumers buy their products. Mass media told people that coconut actually causes health disorders and brainwashed the public. The trans-fats were ignored at that time and not blamed for all the health issues.

There is one fact that can not be ignored although pharmaceutical companies are turning blind eyes for natural cures. Mother Nature has cure for everything! It has no side effects it needs do approval!

You can find the best uses of coconut oil and all its health benefits on the following link.

Via Organic Health Universe



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