According to a clinical study, which was conducted recently, a diet that is rich in coconut oil (one tablespoon of coconut oil per day) might improve your heart health and speed up the weight loss process.

This recent study is full of promise for people struggling with overweigh and obesity and for those who are at risk of developing a heart disease. Sadly, the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine do not offer reliable solutions for the above mentioned issues.

Because of its saturated fatty acids content, coconut oil was consider a bad fat in the past. However, owing to a number of studies it is now proven that it is not true and these saturated fatty acids have a positive effect on our health, particularly for the cognitive functions.


This study, which included participants aged from 55 to 69 years (64 %males), measured the effects that a treatment that was based on extra virgin oil had on the HDL Cholesterol levels and also a range of anthropometric evaluations. All of the participant suffered from high blood pressure and just 5 % of them did not have blood lipids profiles which indicated dyslipidemia presence.

During the first stage, which lasted for three months, 136 of the participant were on a standardized diet. Following the first stage, 116 participant who finished it, were divided into two groups, one of 22 participant who remained on the same diet and the other group of 94 participants who followed a rather changed diet that included one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil per day.

The final results of the study showed that the group that consumed coconut oil had a notable reduction in all of the six measured parameters:

  • Body Mass Index( BMS)- 0.2 for square meter
  • Neck Perimeter- 1.5 inches or approximately 4 cm
  • Weight- 1.300 pounds or 0.6 kilos
  • Systolic Blood Pressure- 3.3 points
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure-3.5 points
  • Waist Circumference- 0.8 inch or approximately 2.1 cm

Additionally, those who were given coconut oil every day also had increased levels of HDL cholesterol.

According to the scientists who conducted this study, interventions that are not pharmacological are of vital importance for management and control of risk factors in secondary stage of prevention for people with coronary diseases.

What Does a Diet Rich in Coconut Oil Mean?

Some of the methods that the pharmaceutical industry uses for increasing the HDL cholesterol nowadays are not based on genuine scientific research.  Actually, recent study proved that the number of useless but harmful medical interventions is very big. We must not forget the side effects of the conventional drugs as well.

Midsection fat or abdominal obesity is one of the contributors to cardiovascular diseases. So in order to avoid these, obese people should follow a diet which will increase their HDL-C cholesterol levels.

The healing powers of coconut oil are not new news since they have been mentioned in a number of different studies including one about the positive effects of coconut oil on patients with Alzheimer’s.


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