-SV40 is a type of dangerous virus that has been found in monkeys.

-In 1960 SV40 was discovered for the first time. Afterward the virus was found again in polio vaccine.

-From 1955 to 1963, 98 million people in the states received one or several doses of the vaccine when SV40 contaminated a great number of those vaccines.

contaminated vacine

-According to the most eminent and institutes, universities and scientists, ten to thirty million people in the US received many contaminated doses of this vaccine.

-The worst thing in this case is that SV40 has been found in some types of cancer.

-These vaccines have been free of the virus for 50 years, since 1963 which means that SV40 is not consisted in vaccines being used today.

Additional Facts

-In the 50’s no one was aware that these vaccines could be contaminated because SV40 wasn’t discovered until 1960.

-SV40 wasn’t found in the type given by mouth, it was actually found in the injected form of the vaccine.

-From ten to thirty million people received the vaccine that consisted SV40.

-According to many studies and evidences, pollo vaccines increase the risk of catching cancer. However, most of the studies conducted in Europe and USA did not cause causal relations between cancer and the contaminated vaccines.

Source: Viral Alternative News

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