Carbohydrates are regarded as the greatest enemy, which causes overweight. Do you need to avoid the carbohydrates and to find the culprit in something else? Are they really that bad for you?

Carbohydrates and sugars are the main fuel used by the brain, the heart and the muscles. They come from the foods we eat, such as cereals and bread, rice, pasta, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Our body converts it to usable condition, glucose. The cells in the body convert glucose into energy that is used for everyday activities.

What if you don’t consume carbohydrates?

When you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, your body reaches for decomposition of fat to provide energy. When the body uses fat for energy it produces ketones and we are in a state of ketosis.

This sounds good in theory, but only in theory, because there are serious side effects. Ketozata can cause failure of some organs, kidney stones, kidney failure, bad breath and more. To avoid ketosis, we have to import 100 grams carbohydrates.


Disposal of carbohydrates from your diet means expulsion of products of whole cereal grains, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables. This type of food provides essential nutrients to the body so it can function properly as enzymes, vitamins, fiber and minerals.

The body breaks down the proteins if you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, even though you have enough fat. This will reduce your long acquired muscle mass.

Which carbohydrates are bad?

Avoid the soft drinks, the white bread, the white pasta and the white rice because they don’t consist  carbs, they are just calories without any nutritional value. Don’t add sugar to your coffee or tea.

The best you can do for yourself is to have well-balanced meals and exercise regularly. Besides getting the desired weight, you’ll also improve your overall health.

Remember carbs are not your enemy, they provide energy, essential to our everyday activities, as well as vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

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