At the age of for moths, Jayden David started taking seizures. He continued to have up to 500 seizures a day in the next five years. 22 pills were prescribed to him by the doctors to help sedate the episodes and to find what was the problem. Nobody can imagine having to ingest that amount of meds at such a young age and after that not to have them work.

Cannabis Oil Works Better Than 22 Pills For A Little Boy Seizures (Video)!

The costs of treatment had bankrupted his family because insurance companies were not helpful. Their son, home and business were about to be lost to this, that seemed, hopeless illness.

He was willing to try everything because was desperate. Finally he tried cannabis oil and they noticed something interesting – no seizures during the first couple of days. This video will educate and explain you the various benefits contained within and the ways of medicinal marijuana.

The video bellow, will touch your heart and leave you speechless.

Source > Viral Alternative New     

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