Today, the High Fructose Corn Syrupproductionsare convincing the consumers that the HFCS is the same like sugar and that they only changed the name to Fructose. When FDA banned the corn syrup bids, the manufactures tried to hide them under the name “fructose”. Buyer Beware: High Fructose Corn Syrup Has Been Rebranded as a “Natural Sweetener” Under These New Names! In accordance with the Corn Refiners Association or CRA, there has been a tricky name change. “Fructose” as a term, now is used for donating products that were previously known under the name HFCS-90, which means it is 90% pure fructose. Compering this to the regular HFCS, that is containing 42% to 55% fructose, thus you will know that General Mills is so eager of keeping you into dark. The fructose and the high corn syrup are not the same thing. The fructose is simple sugar, a monosaccharide. It is an industrial nutrition product and not a natural occurring ingredient. These sugars have been extracted throughout a chemical enzymatic procedure that is resulting as a chemical and biological novel compound, known as HFCS. Moreover, this fructose type is not bounded to a fiber that is casing our body to process it rapidly and to leave the body displeased. HMF is linked to DNA harm in humans. When the HMF is breaking down in the body, is also breaking down in the substances, which can be even more damaging than HMF itself.

The high fructose corn syrup health dangers are including:

-Metabolic syndrome; -Diabetes; -Mercury poisons; -Speeding up the aging process, and -Damage to the immune system. Ever since, all the products that we are buying today, that are processed and packaged, we need to check and to read the labels on the products. The high fructose corn syrup is generally GMO sugar that is affecting our body in many negative ways. It is toxic and very damaging for our pancreas and liver and spikes the blood sugar levels. So, avoid HFCS and all the other names that have been renamed for the sake of your health!   Source >

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