This balm effectively eliminates the excess fat and water in the body and helps you to lose weight. It’s also very healthy and it improves the functioning of the brain, the sight and the hearing. It’s made from very healthy ingredients with powerful properties, rich with vitamins and minerals necessary for proper functioning of our organisms. The people who have used this miraculous balm, successfully reduced their waistline and dropped the excess pounds . You shouldn’t wait, if you want flat belly and body without fat, this drink is the ideal solution for you!


-125 grams of horseradish -fresh
-3 not peeled lemons
-3 tbsp of honey

Method of preparation:

First blend the horseradish well. Then cut the lemons and remove their seeds and then add them in the blender with their rind. At the end, add the honey and blend all the ingredients together well. When ready, place the resulted balm in a glass jar and put it in the fridge.

Excess Fat


Consume 1 tsp of the balm twice a day, with your meals. Use it for 3 weeks and reduce your waistline effectively.

You’ve probably already heard of the importance of honey and lemon to our health, but you should know that horseradish is also very healthy herb with powerful properties and its very beneficial for our bodies.


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