The real foods that help detox your body and effectively promote weight loss can be hard to find. Today we will reveal you extremely powerful recipe that combines different powerhouse foods into delicious, healthy and dish that will potentially help you burn up to 11 pounds in just one month.


Two old favorites for regularity are contained in this recipe: prunes and oatmeal. Both foods promote regularity which is essential for weight loss and digestive health.

Kefir is the base of this magical drink, beverage reminiscent of Greek yogurt. Kefir represents probiotic that helps in the process of weight loss by maintaining the balance in the intestines. You do not have to be worried about that much dairy in your diet. The consumption of low-fat dairy products 3 times per day can far more helpful than cutting them from your nutrition completely.

Low fat yogurt is still a good substitute if Kefir is not available in your area. Low fat yogurt and kefir have many of the same probiotic qualities.

Cocoa is more than just a flavor in this recipe. For many years ago, this plant has been used to facilitate the excretion of harmful chemicals from the body and detox the body. To get the full effect, opt for raw organic cocoa.

Flaxseed is full of vitamins, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. It flushes out the toxins you intake through the food and regulates your appetite.

This powerful drink should be prepared the night before you want it.

Place the prunes in a bigger bowl of boiling water until cool or 5-10 min. After that mix the dry ingredients and then add them to the yogurt or kefir and stir well. Blend or chop the prunes once they are soft and combine them with the rest. Store the bowl in the fridge overnight.

Your ideal breakfast is ready for consumption. It will detox, get regular and help you get rid of the excess pounds in your body.

The fast acting ingredients in this mixture will give you results fairly early on. This food will improve your overall health and help you burn up to 11 pounds over the course of a month. Replace your breakfast with this powerful smoothie and feel the difference in your body.

Source: Positive Med

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