Often the unbalance diet, improper taking of meals and lack of movement are the causes of accumulation of fat which becomes a personal frustration and disappointment to us.

Most nutritionists advise, if you want to start to lose weight healthy you should first reduce the daily intake of calories that we all know it should be 1400 (for women) – 2500 (for men).

Therefore we are presenting great solutions to cut 100 calories from your menu:

1.Replace the soft drinks with their “Light” version or just drink natural juice.


2.Instead of full fat milk consume milk with a minimum fat.

3.Always look to eat half of your portion, and the other half share it with friends.


4.Drink as much green tea or water because they reject the excess liquids and purify the body.

5.Eat popcorn as a snacks, they are great and they don’t have much fat and are healthy.

How to burn 100 calories?

1. Ride a bike every day intensely for half an hour.

2. Go on climbing as much as you can.

3. Dance on your favorite songs, empty the excess energy as you want.

4. Rather than using the elevator start to use the stairs which are super replacement.

5.Swim, especially in the summer to maximum.

6.Practice yoga for at least half an hour.


7.Walk fast.

8.Enjoy the walking with your pet.

The goal is to gradually banish the bad habits and to start to practice the good ones.

With time you’ll feel difference and you will feel happier.

Don’t delay, it’s time for a change!

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