According to the all scientific studies, around 1 in 8 US women will develop breast cancer in the lifetime. However, the scientists in Amsterdam may have found a breakthrough for the most common cancer in women, to get rid of it forever.

Breast Cancer Breakthrough

A pair of meds known as Lapatnib and Herceptin were tested in Amsterdam by Prof. Nigel Bundred. The scientists also combined these meds together for the first time and used them before chemotherapy and surgery. The scientists succeeded to kill some kinds of breast cancer in only 11 days.

The “Cancer Research UK” used these medications to fight protein known as HER2, which actually affects the division and growth of cancer cells. Compared with other cancer types, it is more likely to return this type of cancer.

The fact that it eliminates the need for surgery and chemotherapy makes this powerful treatment so appealing. The side effects such as fatigue, vomiting and hair loss will be avoided definitely. Any alternatives are welcomed because chemo is not the right solution for many people and it’s not entirely effective.

Results From The Study

The research included 257 women with breast cancer. Half of the women were the control group and half being put on a drug combo. The study has shown that in just 2 weeks, women who took the drug, 17% of cases featured significantly shrunken tumors and 11% of them had no cancer cells.

The control group who only took Herceptin, 3% of them showed a drop in tumor size and 97% had no trace of cancer cells. The combination between these two drugs had extremely powerful effect on thus type of cancer, as opposed to be used on their own.

According to its licensing, Herceptin is only available to be used alongside chemotherapy. However, we hope that the results of this study will change that though.

This is enormous step in the battle against this disease, although there is still a lot of work to be done. It is entirely possible that this can happen sooner than we think due to these medical advancements!!!

Source: Healthy Life Routine

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