Before a couple of months ago, the “Life Science” published a research which proved and showed that the derivate of Sweet wormwood plant can destroy 90% of cancer cells in less than 16 hours.

The usage of this plant reduces up to 28% of breast cancer according to many studies. This powerful plant can even kill cancer completely in combination with iron. One of the best things about this plant is that is does not affect the healthy cells in the breasts.


Artemisinin has been used as potent antimalarial agent in the past. In addition, this research also discovered its beneficial effects in the fight against cancer as well.

We should also mention that iron was added during the study because it often accumulates in the cells infected by cancer and breast tissue. So the artemisinin does not harm the healthy ones, it just targets the bad ones.

The iron accumulates in bad cells with specific receptors and help them sharing cells.

These receptors are also present in the healthy cells but the cancer cells have large amounts of them so they can be targeted by a combination between iron and artemisinin.

This extract has been used by the Chinese people against malaria for centuries.

Many studies have proved that artemisinin effectively destroy the illness in the presence of iron.

Since it is full of iron, the parasites can not live in the presence of this extract.

This fact was discovered and proved by the bioengineers Narendra Singh and Henry Lai at the University of Washington. These results have shown that the cancer cells kill themselves when they experience apoptosis.

Due to its high price, it is difficult to obtain this extract but the price can become more obtainable because more and more people are interested in this plant. Sanofi – French drug market is planning to produce 50-60 tons of Artemisinin every year so it will meet the demand of the global market.


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