This diet is primarily used to  cleanse your body before dieting and prevents shock for your body.  But practice showed that it is great to cleanse your body from toxins, so it is recommended for detoxification, especially after the “dirty” holidays. The real role is to create good food habits. Usually, you’ll lose from one to four pounds . The amount of food you eat is not restricted, and drink plenty of fluids especially water.

1st day
Eat only fruit, any kind, just no bananas. At the same time, you should drink at least six glasses of water.

2nd day
Eat only vegetables. You can eat also potatoes,  boiled in salt water or baked in the oven. Just don’t eat fried  .

3rd day:
You can eat vegetables and fruits. But this day you shouldn’t eat potatoes, no matter how they are  prepared.

4th day:
We must eat up to 8 bananas and drink 8 cups of lean cow milk.

5th Day:
On this day eat meat. It is best to prepare it on grill, but you can also prepare it in Teflon pan without oil. You can eat vegetables to, and the water in which the vegetables are boiled can be prepared as a soup, but without noodles.


6th Day:
Eat cooked fish, of any kind. Also vegetables and soup is allowed.

7th Day:
Cooked rice. It’s best to be brown but the white can be used to because it won’t disrupt the diet. Vegetables mandatory, and freshly squeezed juices, in unlimited quantities.

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