The accumulation of excess fat in area of the arms is main reason for arm fat. It is really easier to burn the fat deposits in other parts of the body, but it is difficult to shed the excess fat in the arms. Flabby arms are caused by gradual deposition of fat in the arms.

After the 20s, leans muscles start to decrease and the human body tends to store more fat in various part, so the growing age represents another great reason for arm fat.

prevent flabby arms

Another reason for flabby arms is decreased metabolism rate. As we getting older, metabolism rate decreases which means burning fewer calories.

Not doing exercises regularly and lack of physical activities also leads to fat accumulation on our body including the arms.

Do you usually hesitate before selecting sleeveless dress because you have flabby arms?

If your answer is yes, I must tell you that you can get rid of the stubborn arm fat by doing certain exercises that will help you lose arm fat and get those sculpted and tones arms in a short period of time.

How To Prevent Flabby Arms

We all know that prevention is better than cure. It is really good if you can prevent flabby arm at the first place.

Proper Nutrition: The most important thing to prevent flabby arms is to pay attention to your nutrition because it is one of the major reasons for arm fat.

By implementing a lot of vegetables and fruits in your daily nutrition you will not only make you full but you will also supply lower calories to the body.

Try to consume fiber rich foods that will keep you full for a long time and increase the metabolism rate.

Consume food with slow-burning carbohydrates and lean protein.

Eat breakfast: This is the first meal of the day so do not skip it because if you skip it, at the end of the day you will end up with more calories.

Consume smaller meals: Consume smaller meals at regular intervals. You will eat less and it will make your feel sated.

Green Tea: Starting the day with a cup of green tea will boost up your energy level to burn calories. You will burn the deposited fat in your body by consuming 3-4 cups of green tea during the day.

Consume More Water: You can also speed up the metabolism process by drinking lots of water. You will consume less food (calories) if you drink water before meals.

Do Not Elevator, Use Stair Instead: You will burn more calories if you implement this daily habit.

Practice Some Cardio Exercises: You can also burn calories by doing some cardio exercises. Rowing, skip roping, climbing and swimming can prevent calorie deposition in your body.

If you follow the tips that I listed above and perform the exercises, you will definitely achieve the desired results in a short period of time.

Perform the exercises and stick to the diet rules to get those sculpted, toned and attractive arms and keep arm fat at the bay.

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Source > Healthy Vegan Style

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