The best diet for reducing excess weight is composed of simple foods rich in proteins and low in calories, and the weight decreases gradually which is a guarantee that it will not return quickly.

This diet is called the “Best Diet” but you still need to consider the physical capabilities, age, number of pounds that are surplus, the place to which the fat is accumulated etc..

Moreover this best diet allows you to lose 10 pounds in just 10 days, but it depends on the body of the person who decides to keep this diet, at some the result shows more and at some less.



Diet Plan :


Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee without sugar, 3-4 apricots

Lunch: 125 g. grilled lean beef, 2 tomatoes, ½ cup low fat milk

Dinner: 1 cup vegetable juice, 100 g. steak, tomato and cucumber


Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee without sugar, omelette from one egg, a piece of black bread

Lunch: cup vegetable soup, 100 g. roasted beef, cooked green beans, apple, tea with lemon

Dinner: 150 g. fried liver, cooked mixed vegetables, orange

best diet


Breakfast: a glass of grapefruit juice, tomato, boiled egg

Lunch: 125 g. meat chop grilled, cooked cauliflower with yogurt, coffee or tea with lemon

Dinner: cup vegetable soup, 120 g. lean beef, green beans, apple

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