Tartar is actually brown or yellow mineral deposit on the teeth. If you don’t remove it, the quantity of tartar will increase and can cause periodontitis.

If you want to clean your teeth, the dentist is the first solution, but the second one is at your home.

Be Your Own Dentist! See How To Remove Tartar Buildup at Home!

Today we are going to present the most powerful mixture that will help you to get rid of tartar and will save you money and your precious time.


  • Antiseptic mouth wash
  • Cup                   
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Salt
  • Dental pick
  • Baking soda

Do not forget that baking soda is the most effective and common tool to get rid of tartar.


Step: 1

The first thing you should do is to mix ½ tsp of salt and 1 tbsp of baking soda. Before dip in the mixture, wash your toothbrush with warm water. Brush your teeth about 5 minutes.

Step: 2

The next thing you should do is to mix ½ cup of warm water and a cup full with hydrogen peroxide where you will rinse the mouth for 1 minute. In the end, rinse with cup of cool water.

Step 3

For rubbing the yellow tartar from the teeth, use a dental pick. Be careful not to scrape the gums in order not to damage and irritate them.

Step 4

Every second day use antiseptic mouth wash to rinse your mouth.

If you really follow the rules that we mentioned above, you will get rid of tartar and you improve your dental and oral health in a short period of time.

However, today we are going to present a few more tips for shiny and beautiful smile.

Tomatoes and strawberries:

These nutrients will maintain your oral health because they are rich in Vitamin C. You should rub them directly onto your teeth and let stay for five minutes. Tartar will become softer in this way.

Wash your mouth afterwards with the mixture between warm water and baking soda. Lime, oranges, papaya, berries, lemon and bell peppers can also be used in this procedure because they are rich in Vitamin C.


- Eating Cheddar or Swiss cheese before meals neutralizes the acids that lead to this disease.
- Using soft toothbrush and making vertical movements and cleaning the space between the teeth and the gums is also crucial for your oral and dental health.
- Rub your teeth with orange peel to prevent multiplying of bacteria before go to sleep.
- Use dental floss regularly
Have a nice day and improve your dental health now!


Source >  www.healthyfoodteam.com

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