Most of the people think of the heart as the car battery of the body. It supports its own electrical charge that actually acts as a pump station for the heart. Afterward the blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the whole body. This is one of the five vital and essential organs needed for the lungs, liver, kidneys, brain and for survival.

The heart is not invincible like any other organ in the body. We all know how dangerous and deadly heart disease can be. With astonishing 600 000 deaths per year, this is the number one killer in the States.

heart attack is near

The chance of suffering from heart attack is one of the scariest side effects of living with this disease. This condition is often related with sudden buckling of the knees and bone crushing pain in your chest.

It is also scary that symptoms and signs can be much more mild than is shown in the movies.

These are the bodily symptoms that heart attack is near:

-Chest Tightness

According to many survivors, these symptoms were described as a constant squeeze, feeling of over full or like an elephant standing on their chest.

-Irregular and Rapid Heartbeat

We think that that it is really important to mention this symptom because it can be related with things such as hard work, stimulant usage and anxiety.

Sudden Fatigue

The combination between the symptoms that we’ve mentioned above and sudden or rapid loss of energy can definitely be symptom of a heart attack in progress. It means that the body isn’t receive the oxygen it needs.

 Odd Sweating

Another symptom for imminent heart attack can be cold sweat during a resting state where your skin is cold and clammy.

The heart is essential organ in the human body that is prone to many diseases. Many signs are similar with other disorders. The most important thing in the article is that your body is able of sending warning symptoms and signs and when it does, you should listen.

Source: Toronto Mesh

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