Coconut oil has become quite popular and it is used as a hair oil throughout the whole world. However, if you are not familiar with all its benefits, in this article you can read all about coconut oil and the reason it is beneficial for the hair.

A number of people who live in coastal areas where coconut grows use only coconut oil for their hair. Coconut oil is high in minerals, vitamins and fats. It is used for making cosmetic products, and also it is used for preparing a number of salads and foods in Asian countries.

This oil has been used as a hair product for a number of years, and has proven to be quite effective. It has certain compounds which nourish the hair and make it strong and protected.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

Hair Loss

One of its ancient uses is for hair grooming. Ancient Indians prepared a number of remedies using coconut oil and herbs to stop hair loss. You can prepare such remedy by putting sage leaves in coconut oil and boiling them. Apply this mixture on your scalp, it will strengthen your hair and prevent further loss.

Moreover, applying a mixture of coconut oil and lime water can also prevent hair loss. This can also be accomplished by mixing gooseberries and coconut oil and then applying in on the hair.

Hair Damage

Coconut oil prevents the protein loss in both, healthy and damaged hair. It is rich in lauric acid, which easily penetrates the hair shaft, thanks to its low molecular weight.

Moreover, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Serum is perfect for repairing and renewing damaged hair. This serum, which has sunflower seed oil, guava fruit extract and extra virgin coconut oil, nourishes, smooths and gives volume and shine to the hair.


Cooling Effect

Applying coconut oil on your scalp and head can have a cooling effect. It is great for people suffering from serious scalp sweating and those who have hot heads.

Moisture Retention

This oil can retain moisture because it is very stable and does not break down or evaporates easily. It keeps the hair soft and moist and prevent hair breakage.

Hair Conditioning

Coconut oil is far better conditioner than the synthetic ones in the markets. It will make the hair soft and shimmering. All you need to do is put some warm oil on your hair before bed, leave it overnight and wash it the following morning.

Anti- Dandruff

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, therefore it is powerful against dandruff. By applying coconut oil on a regular basis you can eliminate dandruff forever. Just mix some coconut with castor oil and lukewarm water. Apply it on your scalp for perfect results.

Moreover, mix some sesame oil and coconut oil, apply it in your hair and leave it for half an hour and then wash it.


Since coconut oil melt when heated and hardens when cooled, it is perfect for styling the hair. So, apply it on your hair, and as soon it condenses it will act as styling cream or gel.

Lice Protection

Lice are really annoying. One way of getting rid of them is by combing the hair with a special comb. However, applying coconut oil will make it easier for you to comb the hair.

For Dry Nair

Coconut oil is perfect for dry hair.

Hair Toning

Coconut oil is ideal for toning hair, especially one that is dry. Just apply a warm mixture of lavender oil and coconut oil on your scalp at night and wash your hair in the morning.

Hair Conditioning

Prepare your own conditioned by mixing some coconut oil, henna and warm milk. Apply it on your hair and leave for 20 minutes. Then, wash your hair.


Certain people have boils on their scalp, it is vital to have clean scalp and clean hair so massaging your hair with a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil can offer you relief from boils.

Split Ends

In case you have split ends, it is advisable to cut them. However, male a mixture of almond oil and coconut oil, apply it on your hair and it will reduce split ends.

Baldness and Gray Hair

Coconut oil can help you prevent gray hair and baldness.


Coconut Oil as a Shampoo Ingredient

It may come as a surprise to you, but almost all shampoos contain coconut oil. Recently, people have become more aware of the health benefits that essential oils offer, therefore have started using them.

Healthy Hair

Since coconut oil offers a number of benefits like anti-aging properties, hair nourishment, vitamin E supplementation, and moisture retention, it can help you keep your hair healthy.

The Oily Factor

Coconut oil has natural saturated fats which keep the hair shiny and smooth.


Coconut oil has a refreshing and sweet scent.

Watch this video and see how to use coconut oil for perfect hair care.


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