Today we are going to present you simple ginger press that we discovered as powerful home remedy against osteoarthritis pain and other pain. Ginger press requires salt, garlic and ginger. Do not forget that this remedy shouldn’t be used for open wounds.

Ginger is one of the oldest and most effective natural remedies used for cold, flu and numerous health conditions. Its pain relieving properties has been known since ancient times. The Chinese has been used this plant as an anti-inflammatory herb and to target pain caused by muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, headaches and arthritis.

The study that was made in 2012 has shown that ginger is as effective as diclofenac and that significantly lowers arthritic pain.

The natural press treats conditions such as sprains, back aches, muscle pain, swollen veins and rheumatism. The pain killing properties of ginger deeply penetrates to the source of the pain.

The press can be left on the affect area until the hot sensation is gone (that’s for intense pain). Minimum quantity and duration can also be applied to children.


1.Take 2 tbsp of salt, four cloves of garlic and few pieces of ginger.


2.You should prepare heavy duty pestle and mortar.


3.Crush the ginger and peel the garlic.


4.Add the crushed ginger and salt and pound until you smash well the ingredients together.


5.Take plastic film and then scoop the mix to it.


6.Slowly lay over the smashed ginger on the affected parts of the body.


7.Wrap with bandage bur previously secure the sides with plaster.


Let it act for at least 6 hours and expect the results. As we mentioned before, do not use ginger press for open wounds.

Source: Nature Hacks

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