There are many healing methods and natural remedies that have been used for a long time due to their proven efficiency. One such natural remedy makes use of castor oil and baking soda to cure more than 24 health problems.

There are numerous positive effects of this natural remedy and its application is unlimited. Castor oil has been used in holistic medicine for the treatment of different diseases that are actually resistant to conventional therapies.

This oil has been shown to treat the following conditions, according to Dr. William:

1.Apply castor oil on your moles for at last 3-4 weeks to cure them completely.

2.Cure pilonidal cyst by applying castor oil.

3.Drop a drop of castor oil in your eye(s)  every single night before go to sleep in order to cure cataracts.

4.Wrap a coating of castor oil on a strain ankle and let it overnight. It will provide faster healing and relive pain.

5.Rub your warts with this powerful oil for at least 1 month to get rid of them.

6. You can relieve allergies by consuming 5 drops of this oil every morning.

7.Castor oil soothes bee stings and swelling.

8. Bruises and cuts can be significantly accelerated by applying castor oil.

9.The application of this oil on the eyelids prior before go to sleep soothes eye allergies.

10.Castor oil can effectively treat hepatitis.

11. Calcium deposits can be eliminates by massaging your soles with this oil.

12.You can successfully cure tinnitus by consuming 6-8 drops of castor oil.

13. The regular application of coatings will eliminate fungal infections.

14.Place castor oil coatings on the abdominal area in order to treat hyperactivity.

15.Improve your hearing by putting several drops of this oil in each ear.

16. By regularly massaging your skin with castor oil, you can impede stretch marks during pregnancy.

17.The mixture between this oil and baking soda can help in the treatment of skin cancer.

18. You can soothe chronic diarrhea by applying castor oil coatings on your abdominal area.

19. Massage your scalp with this oil for 20 min before washing your hair in order to stimulate hair growth.

20.You can also aid in the treatment of nicotine addiction by consuming of several drops of castor oil every day.

21.Use castor oil coatings at least once a week in order to relieve lower back pain.

22. Snoring can be also treated by applyingcastor oil coatings on your stomach.

23. The regular application of castor oil coatings on the neck area will help you in the treatment of chronic hoarseness and vocal cord nodules.

24.Treat dark spots on your face by using a mixture between baking soda and castor oil.

Preparation of Castor Oil

  • A towel
  • Clean gauze
  • A bottle with hot water
  • Plastic foil
  • Cold pressed castor oil

Thoroughly cleanse your skin with a baking soda solution, prior to using the coating and after its use.


Heat and then soak a gauze in cold pressed castor oil. Place the gauze on the affected part of the body, secure it with a plastic foil, place a bottle with hot water over it and wrap with a towel. You can simply lie down and relax or let the coating act for at least 1 hour.

Add sufficient amount of the oil prior each new use. The coatings can be used for 40 days. Before use, do not forget to heat the coating. Prepare a new coating if the smell or color of the oil has changed.

Source: Healthy Body And Tips

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