Actor Mark Ruffalo had a rare opportunity to address Hugh Grant, who is the CEO of Monsanto. Ruffalo knew that this was his chance to speak out for millions of people.

Prior to a segment for the movie Spotlight, which mark did with Mike Rezendez, he was in the green room watching Grant who was giving crafty answers to every question he was asked.

Ruffalo recorded that he felt disgusted watching the man who is accountable for so much sickness and misery worldwide go through the interview with easiness. Therefore, when Grant passed through the green room, Ruffalo told him that he is wrong and that he is engaged in monopolizing food and that they are poisoning people. Ruffalo also told him that they are destroying small farms, killing bees and that what they are doing is very wrong.


Grant was taken aback, but he responded that he thought that what they were doing was good. This ended the exchange.

However, Ruffalo had the opportunity to observe the evil that Monsanto were causing, and he wrote a piece which he shared with EcoWatch.

Ruffalo was aware that when people are paid the sum of money Grant gets paid, their judgement becomes clouded and going after their morality is what needs to be done. Ruffalo wrote a letter to Grant.

In the letter he said that it wasn’t the messaging that made Hugh and his company terrible, but the terrible stuff he and his company do. Ruffalo continued that people don’t just walk around making up terrible stories about good companies because they haven’t got anything better to do. Mark said that Grant and his company are just terrible, and they will remain like this, and people are going to greet them like he did because nothing can change the fact that they are terrible.

The actor used facts to back up his claims.


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