All that kept diet know how tedious it can be. Everyone knows that diet is best combined with any type of activities: exercise, fitness, jogging, anything that encourages activity. But we also all know that exercise can be very … very annoying.

Among those who agree with us, is Ben Greenfield, who in 2008 was recognized as the best personal trainer by the American Society for strength and fitness (NSCA). He himself admits he doesn’t like to exercise, so in one of his columns devoted to this subject, he wrote a few interesting facts and activities that will help you lose some extra weight.

1.Standing – may seem like something you do all the time, but it’s not like that. Ben advise us  to use every opportunity to stand, even if our feet hurts us. The pain means resistance of the body, which also means burning of calories. Therefore, when you go to the doctor, instead of sitting , stand, if you can work while standing, don’t hesitate to do it, also if you can you should eat standing and you should walk while speaking on the phone.

2. Weights – in our shops for sports equipment you can find small weights that are tied for the joints and weigh half a pound or more. This type of weights are used by athletes to jump higher and run faster, you can use them for weight loss. Also, don’t leave the laptop at home because it weights to much in your backpack because weight creates resistance to the muscles, and as we already mentioned, that means burning calories.

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3. Fitness. Small movements – you won’t believe, but some small movements that you’ll not even notice doing in it during the day, like cracking joints or chewing gum, burn a lot of calories. Scientists have proved that such movements, because you do it throughout the whole day, contribute a lot to your diet.

4. Cooking – admit, it’s easier for you to buy fast food, order a pizza over the phone or eat something hastily from your refrigerator. If you minimize these habits and start to cook, or stand beside the stove and the cutting board, you’ll lose more calories.

5. Laughter – after you finish with work, play some good comedy and have a good laugh. It has been proven that laughter burns 1.3 calories per minute, plus makes you happy, and also all that smile make the environment better. It doesn’t have to be a movie, you can laugh at work, while reading interesting book, even for no particular reason, it will be great for your diet.


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