Healthy people, almost regardless of age, in limited time can implement this 3 day diet which perfectly cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and balance your metabolism.

This 3 day diet is easy to be implemented and all the food products that you need can be found in every store. After this simple diet you’ll feel great and you’ll have a lot of energy to do your everyday  tasks..

First day :
Drink only pure fruit juice or vegetable juice. Use freshly squeezed juice or juice from apples, pears, grapes or pineapple from a carton, but no sugar. Mix it with water. Drink one small glass four to five times a day. In other occasions drink only water or boiled water, in which you should add a teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Second day :
After getting up, before you go to bed or between meals, drink tea or fruit juice (lime, mint, camomile).For meals choose fresh fruit:
- apples
- grape
- pear
- oranges
- pineapple.

The solid fruit can be grated or chopped into cubes, and you can prepare a fruit salad. Drink water if desired.

Third day :
For breakfast eat fresh fruit or fruit pulp with yoghurt , prepared with goat or sheep milk. For lunch prepare raw salad with  grated root from vegetables or  leafy . Decorate it with raisins and sunflower seeds.
For dessert eat fresh fruit. For dinner eat vegetable soup in which you put soy sauce.To beat the hunger, drink water.

We hope that you will really enjoy the 3 day diet and share the results.

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