Rhinitis, phlegm, flu, cold and sinusitis are conditions which occur in the head. Sinusitis is usually caused by viral, fungal, and bacterial infection or an allergy and it occurs when the sinuses get swollen or inflamed. The most common symptoms of sinusitis are headaches, thick nasal mucus, congestion, cough, fatigue, clogged nose and facial pain.

Most people use prescription antibiotics as a treatment for these issues. Nevertheless, these meds come with certain side-effects, so they need to be avoided if there is a natural solution. When it comes to these issues, there is a natural remedy which is going to soothe your symptoms and ameliorate your condition in no time.


The recipe is as it follows:


  • Ginger root- 1 medium sized
  • Apple cider vinegar- 2 dl.


You need to grate the ginger, put it in a glass bowl and add the apple cider vinegar. This needs to be stored in a glass jar and you need to cover it with a lid. It needs to be at a room temperature for 10 days. It needs to be shaken from now and then.

Use It In This Way

In order to calm your sinusitis, place your head over the jar, put a towel over your head and breathe in the vapors of it. You need to do the inhalation for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, soak a handkerchief in the mixture and place it on your neck prior to going to bed. Leave it on your neck overnight.

Do this for 5 days in a row and you will soon notice improvements. Moreover, you will see that the pain is going to be notably reduced thanks to the ginger and its strong scent.

Furthermore, you can use ginger as a home remedy for inflammation in the sinuses in another way.

You need to boil 50 grams of ginger root. Then remove it from the heat, put a towel over your head and inhale. This is going to relieve the congestion and will calm the symptoms.

Both of these remedies are safe and effective methods of treating sinusitis. Moreover, they are better than prescription drugs since they come without any side effects.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com

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