We often lack of time and high intensive and vigorous exercises are not suitable for every person. However, it is not excuse to stop working out. In order to help you find time for workouts, here is a set of 5 extremely effective and workouts that can be performed in just 4min.


(30 sec)


Place the hands towards the floor as the starting position A and then slowly lower the body. This workout will help you develop your triceps and muscles.

(1 min)


Stand with your shoulder width apart and feet little wider. As you were sitting on a chair, start to push your bottom backward. Make sure to keep your back straight as you lower into a squat and then return to the initial position. This workout will work both your leg muscles and glutes.


(1 min)


Place the hands on the hips and then make a step forward with your right foot. Return to the initial position and then repeat the move with the left foot.

4.Mountain Climbers

(30 sec)


This powerful workout will help you burn calories and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Place your hands and legs as it is shown in the picture above and bring your left knee to your chest and then return the leg.

5.Jumping Jacks

(45 sec)


This exercise will improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Stand up straight and jump by moving the feet out to take side and simultaneously raise the hands above the head and then repeat.

These exercises are extremely powerful at burning a lots of calories in very short period of time, toning the body and build muscles!

Via Bright Side

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