1.Autoimmune disease

Contributor to cold feet and hands can be lupus. Systemic lupus can attack the blood vessels. Small blood vessels in your skin of the feet and hands prevent normal blood movements. Icy feet and hands are the result.

cold feet and hands

2.Reynaud’s Phenomenon

When blood vessels in your feet and hands are overreacting to stressful situations or cold temperatures are a major reason of freezing feet and hands. It actually triggers arteries in toes and fingers to enter vasospasm or situation that limits the blood supplies and narrows the blood vessels to the extremities.

These arteries thicken which additionally limits blood flow. This phenomenon is called “attack”. The toes and fingers can change colors during an attack. They usually go from white to blue to red. Form lack of blood flow, they may also feel numb and cold.

3.Problems With Circulation

Many people consider that the main cause for cold hands is this. Due to poor heart pumping, cholesterol clogged blood vessels or other reasons, the flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients decreased, so poor circulation occurs.

You feel the cold in your feet and hands when blood doesn’t flow through your body as it should be and feet furthest from the heart.


This is a phenomenon where the thyroid gland fails to properly secrete the hormones that convert oxygen and food into energy and the thyroid becomes under-active.

5.Low Blood Pressure

Due to a number of reasons such as endocrine disorders, certain meds, blood loss and dehydration, this can occur. Blood vessels directing from your extremities to your vital organs, when blood pressure is low, leaving fingers cold. Visit your doctor immediately if you have feeling of weakness, nausea, fatigue and low pressure accompanied by dizziness.


When hemoglobin in the blood is low or you do not have enough red blood cells, anemia occurs. Lowered supply of oxygen in the body is a result of anemia. Not getting enough iron diet or blood loss such as gastrointestinal disturbances, cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcer or menstrual cycle may be the reason for reduced iron in the blood. Pale skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache and fatigue can be also caused by anemia. By entering iron can be can be treated most cases of anemia.

Vitamin B12 which is consisted in milk, eggs, meat is crucial for the formation of red blood cells. Lowered production of red blood cells can be leaded by lack of this vitamin. People older than 50, vegans or vegetarians have reduced ability to absorb this vitamin and usually lack Vitamin B12. Add a variety of multivitamins if your body lacks this vitamin and the signs will disappear in a few weeks.


Cold hands can be also caused by some meds. Certain drugs such as nose drops, drugs for migraine or cancer constrict blood vessels in some arteries.


Stress is the major reason for numerous problems in our body. Cold feet and hands can be caused by secretes adrenaline, anxiety and chronic stress that restricts blood vessels in the extremities.


This is one of the reasons if you don’t have a good reason to stop smoking. The nicotine in the cigarettes leads the formation of plaque in blood vessels and causes the blood vessels to close, resulting in reduced blood flow and mobility to the extremities.

Source: Sport Online Group

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