4. Warm and stretch quickly and efficiently

If you exercise with weights then you don’t need to get on the bike before and after the worjout to warm up and cool down. Also you don’t need to spend a lot of time on static stretching, as it reduces your power. By contrast, for the exercises with weights you should warm up quickly with some dynamic stretching, which basically is repetition of the exercises that you do. Then, start with less weight in two sets and then start to add weight.

5. Start with exercising before you do anything else

When you get up in the morning, the only important thing is to wash. The coffee, the food, the shower and the shaving will lead to mental spiral of avoidance. Have your clothes for workout ready next to your bed, so that after you wake up, get dressed and start exercising. All other morning rituals may be completed after you done with exercising.

6.Ride a bike

Sometimes you should go to work with a bike, it will not take much time and it will be beneficial for you and your body. Also you’ll save on fuel, parking and mental suffering.


7. Stop talking while exercising

While you’re at the gym, know that socializing is mostly a waste of time. A brief “hello” is enough, instead of spending a time for chatting about the yesterday’s match, is better to focus on your workout.

8. Common activities during the day

Continued lying on the bed is bad. Reminder yourself all the time to get up and do something. Stretching or climbing a few stairs usually is enough to keep your body active

While all of these tips can help you with your exercising, remember that to be in shape requires dedication. Stop with your excuses now..

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