Optimize your workouts

Exercise what you want, whether it’s lifting weights or Zumba. Usually the number one reason why people don’t go to the gym is lack of time.

Defeat your negative thoughts with these tips to make your exercise more effective:

1. Location is very important when choosing your gym

If you have 20 years, and the gym is full of older people, then it isn’t the right choice for you. Or if you want to lose some weight, and the nearest gym to you is a center for bodybuilding, then that can be a problem. Aside from that, you want to choose a place close to your home or to your work. It will be satisfactory for you if the gym is somewhere on the road between your house and the place where you work. The less you travel to the gym, the better will be for you.


2. Consider exercising in the period during lunch

If you work from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm Consider to go to the gym during your lunch break. If you have a gym close to where you work it would be a great opportunity for you. In that case, think about lifting weights as a better option than aerobic due to the need to shower after aerobics where you sweat more. For a exercising with weights a towel will be enough. This would mean that you need to have lunch at the office, which means that in that case you’ll take some healthy food from home.

3. Keep your clothes  for workout ready in your office

Take Clean clothes to work on Monday, and return it on Friday (or Saturday, if you’re at work) to wash it.



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