Although most of us are not aware, sometimes we make  the worst habits after eating that can be very harmful for our health. If you want to take care of your health and body line, you should listen to the top 7 advices of the world’s best nutritionists and doctors. These are the worst 7 habits



Experts warn that this habit is far more harmful than you think, because only one cigarette after a meal has the effect as you smoked 10. The digestive system affects the state of the entire organism, where the blood oxygen binds to nicotine.


Fruits are easily digestible in the stomach, but if you consume fruit after the meal, it will stay in the stomach for a long time and it’ll begin to release gases which create cellulite. So, you have to eat fruit on an empty stomach or 2 hours before and after eating.


Although this habit is practiced by many people, it is not good. Theine which is a main ingredient in tea, binds to iron and hinders the digestion, which can be very bad for anemic people who are supposed to drink tea at least 2 hours after eating.



When we talk about swimming after eating, our grandparents were right. The experts warn that we have the same situation with the showering. Water encourages and increases the circulation in the body, which is required. If we have sudden temperature changes, blood is needed in the hands and the arms, but after the meal, the circulation is concentrated in the stomach.

Loosen of the belt after a meal

This is one of the most common habit, but loosen of the belt after the meal can slowdown the digestion. Also, this is another reason that leads to obesity, because we can consume more food on this way.

Physical activity

Although most people think that physical activity is good after eating, however the truth is different. This activity is not good for the digestive system because it absorbs nutrients from the imported food. Easy walk is recommended, but not vigorous exercise.


Lying position is not natural and good for digestion because the stomach acids can not perform their work. This habit can lead to stomach problems.

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