A high level of cholesterol in the blood is bad for our health because it can cause many diseases. If you have high cholesterol, the first thing you must change is your nutrition (diet ). We present you 7 foods that will help you in the implementation of that idea.

7 best foods for lowering the fat in your blood:

1. Oats

If you want to bring your cholesterol in order, we suggest to replace your usual morning meal with a mash of oats. Note that you can lower the LDL cholesterol by 5.3% in just six weeks with only two servings of oats. In the oat there is an ingredient named beta-glukan which absorbs bad cholesterol.

2.Black chocolate

This is favorite food is rich in antioxidants and herbal ingredients which lower the cholesterol. The antioxidants that are part of the dark chocolate reduces damage to the blood vessels. The experts claim that daily intake of 100 grams of dark chocolate will reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular problems by 21%.

3. Wine

The red grapes used for red wine production has a significant impact on cholesterol. Only two glasses of red wine a week will bring you many benefits.



4. Nuts

Unilateral unsaturated fats (found in nuts, grains, etc.) have the lowest fatty acids and molecules that are the best three types of fat: poly – saturated fat, saturated fats and mono – unsaturated fats.

Consuming nuts is the best way to enter the necessary healthy fats without remorse in your body. Because fatty acids that we get from nuts are natural and not chemically processed, they are extremely healthy for the heart.

5. Salmon and fatty fish

Salmon is extremely beneficial for health because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids they please the heart and his health. Thus reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke and high cholesterol levels in the blood. Fishes like salmon, herring and anchovies help in raising the level of good cholesterol by 4%.


6. Tea

Healthy drink that contains antioxidants, but has a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee. Helps to protect the bones because is rich with phytochemicals. In addition, tea protects the body from harmful LDL cholesterol.

7. Bean

This food is great for the heart. So only half a cup of beans a day helps in lowering cholesterol levels by 8%. Try all kinds because each supplies the body with one-third of your daily needs for natural fibers.

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