Bodyweight exercises are simple and practical and they are becoming popular among the fitness world. These types of exercises are perfect for people who don’t have equipment since they do not require any. Namely, planks are one of the most beneficial bodyweight exercises. These exercises do not require much time and there are visible results in a short time period. The abdominal muscles support the entire spinal column and back, thus preventing injuries. Nevertheless, the core muscles need to be strong so that they can perform this function. Therefore, it is crucial to train then regularly.


Doing planks on a daily basis is going to do this:

  1. You will have improved core definition and performance

Planks engage all the major core muscle groups, including the glutes, the external oblique muscle, the rectus abdominus and the transverse abdominus. All of these muscle groups have different purpose and by strengthening them you are going to:

  • Glutes: strong shaped booty and supported back
  • Oblique muscles: improved stability and ease while waist-twisting and side-bending
  • Rectus abdominus: improved sports performance, especially with jumping. Moreover, this group is also responsible for the six pack look, which is quite popular.
  • Transverse abdominus: enhanced ability to lift weights.
  1. The risk of spinal column and back injury is decreased8397190a00a7d9191fbaaec4ad1803f5

Doing planks will make it possible for you to build up muscles without putting much pressure on the hips or spine. Performing planks on a regular basis is going to notably reduce your back pain, but it is going to ensure a strong support for your whole back, and strengthen your muscles.

  1. Stimulate the metabolisme43cabed30b7bd25037806eccce4f57d

Performing planks on a daily basis is going to help you burn more calories than other abdominal exercises, like sit-ups and crunches. Planking is going to help you strengthen your muscles, and you will burn more energy even if you are in front of a computer or sitting in an office. Moreover, doing planks every day will keep your metabolic rate high throughout the day, even while sleeping.

  1. Your posture will be significantly improvedlarge-65

Planking is going to improve your posture, so it will be easier for you to stand stable and straight. The abdominal muscles have a great effect on the condition of your back, chest, shoulders and neck.

  1. Your overall balance will be improved9c6bde55aed5673f7eca71bc97c277c8

In case the abdominal muscles are not strong enough, you won’t be able to stand on one leg for a long time. Performing side planks is going to improve your balance. Moreover, doing extension planks will improve your sports performance.

  1. Maximum flexibilityNinaTwo-1

Another important benefit that planks bring is flexibility, since they have an effect on the posterior muscle group, the collarbone, shoulder blades and shoulders, while stretching the toes, the arches of the feet and the hamstrings. Hyper-extending the toes is a movement which is critical for supporting the weight of the body.

  1. Improved Mental Healtha23832c8088c356279f09778cd0b7cc1

Planking stretches the muscle groups which contributes to tension and stress in the body. The majority of people spend their days sitting on a chair, at work or at home. As a consequence, the thigh muscles become tight and the legs heavy. This often causes tension in the shoulders. All of this puts stress on the nerves and muscles. However, apart from calming your brain, planks also help with symptoms of depression and anxiety, but only if you perform them on a on a daily basis.

The following infographic will help you get your results in only 5-10 min per day!


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