Experts say that dieting, diet regimens and exercises may be for nothing if we don’t previously clean our organism. Consuming these efficient scavengers will clean you organism and will make you ready for the diet and for losing weight effectively. All the products can be easily found and consumed, which makes it even better.

For real cleansing of the body is necessary to drink between two and three liters of water. Arrange the cups of water according to your biorhythm. But remember,  drink a glass of water immediately when you’ll wake up in the morning.

The liver will be grateful and this will speed up the work , and you will also dispose all toxins. A cup of tea in every 24 hours is sufficient.

LEMON (Lemon diet)
Juice of half squeezed lemon per day will provide an excellent detoxification because Vitamin C dilutes toxins and hastens their exit from the body.

Fresh Fruits

This tropical fruit is one of the best sources of starch. Ripe bananas contain about 4.7 g starch and the green ones 12.5 resistant starch. One banana contains three grams of fiber which provides excellent satiety. The also contain chemical blend of tryptophan which affects on our mood.

Lettuce, Swiss chard, arugula  and leeks are perfect for cleaning the body because they contain chlorophyll which removes various types of toxins from the body and clear the liver.

Effectively act on enzymes in the liver and accelerates the cleaning. At the same time, it has an amazing anticancer properties.

Strong antioxidant properties which strengthen the body and prevent the appearance of fatigue, as well as cancer cells.

BEANS is full of starch where each spoon has 15 g fiber. That’s the reason why you feel satiated for longer time after the beans meal. People who regularly eat beans, weigh less and have a narrower structure than those who do not eat beans, showed a Canadian study taken on 15 thousand people.

Warning – Do not apply any diet without consulting your doctor.

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