You always think of dozens of excuses whenever you need to exercise or sport ? “Cold”, “No clean sportswear”, “Tomorrow I will compensate with more intense training”, “So I’m off target anyway, nothing to lose if I skip training today”, Not in the mood… The list can go to infinity.

Nobody said it was simple and easy keeping a healthy and active life. The obstacles  are literally everywhere, but your task is to find the strength to continue. Don’t just sit and enjoy without being preoccupied with flexibility, weights, fitness equipment and strenuous exercise. “It is necessary to keep alive the motivation that encourages you to sweat“.

The regular exercise seems impossible? The following interesting tips will help you to gather strength and to restore motivation that will bring you to that dream body.

1.Wear red sports equipment. If lack of motivation stems from reduced energy, paint yourself in the color of passion. Seeing red increases energy, and wearing that same color, rapidly increases the self-confidence and encourages action.

2.Read inspiring story. When you read about the life experiences of women who have lost weight or have a body that they always wanted, you’ll probably say “I can do that”, “I love that feeling”. Lives of others is not only a great example of what we can achieve, but also can be a source of motivation for exercise.

3.Seek opinion for your form from a small child. You’ll get a real response and strong motivation to exercise. Children honesty will say the truth, and the children’s words will echo in your ears whenever you decide to skip exercise.

4.Each training do one new exercise. Innovations increase the excitement and easily makes you addictive. The new exercises will bring back the fun in the physical activity and it’s great for the shape of the body when we are regularly faced with new and emerging challenges.


5.Pay a monthly fee. Money can’t buy you the motivation, but when you pay in advance for training in the gym or Zumba classes or aerobics, they can be a very big motivation for exercise. Repeat to yourselves that with every missed workout, you actually throw money into water and it’s more likely that you won’t skip the exercise.

6.Once a week, lift weights with a weight equal to the weight that you lost. You lost 5 pounds? Once a week lift a weight of 5 kg. It will soon become clear why you feel light as a feather, and why you previously felt like a full bag. The feeling of joy overcomes you in those moments and will give strength and satisfaction.

7.Imagine yourself in a sexy swimsuit or keep a photo for inspiration. The creation of a mental picture of your fitness goal can successfully motivate you. More likely to achieve something if you can imagine it. Next time, before you throw the towel and quit exercise, imagine yourself in a sexy swimsuit. Or, keep in your computer a folder with photos of beautifully shaped bodies. They can be a great inspiration and encouragement to practice in the moments when you like to give up and go to bed to lie down.

And remember, strive toward progress rather than perfection.

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