The coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. It’s almost impossible starting the day without a cup of coffee. If you drink several times a day, it would be excellent to use the best benefits from it.
# 1 Conventional coffee is pesticide – sprinkled. But there is a choice of organic coffee. If it’s not necessary, try to avoid the coffees with artificial flavors.

# 2 Drink it unsweetened and consider whether you drink coffee because of the caffeine or just want to satisfy your sugar cravings. You will reduce the consumption of calories if you drink coffee without artificial sweeteners. Use cinnamon instead of sugar.

# 3 Get coffee berries and grind them at home. If don’t have that opportunity, take freshly ground coffee and drink it as soon as possible. Anti-oxidant activities are reducing during the processing, oxidation and the time stayed in the coffee sticks.

# 4 Do not drink more than 3 cups a day


# 5 Do not drink coffee on a empty stomach, caffeine on an empty stomach causes the secretion of sugar in the blood which alert the pancreatic to secrete insulin (another good reason to drink unsweetened). On an empty stomach it can cause lowering the blood sugar that is not good. Caffeine can cause satiety in the body where you will not consume food for a long time, so later the desire for sugar will be even greater.

# 6 Yes, we live in a world where you have to feel guilty about the food, do not eat this, calm down, it will kill you, do not overeat, you will put on weight, it is not healthy ….most of the mentioned are true, but we can find and say harmful effects of almost every food and to stop with the consumption after a stressful informations. When the body is under a stress, it loses the nutrients. So do not feel guilty, make a cop of unsweetened coffee and enjoy in the pleasures of the world.

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