Getting rid of the belly fat is extremely important for your look and health too. Big tummy can actually lead to heart diseases, dementia, stroke and diabetes. However today there are simple ways that will shrink your belly in just 6 days. These are the best and most effective ones.

1.Choose the right fruits. We all know that fruits are generally healthy, but if you want to flatten your belly, you have to pick the fruits with balanced amounts of fructose and glucose such as berries, citrus fruits and grapes. Honeydew, pears and apples are more difficult to digest, so try to avoid them for better results.

2.You have to avoid sodium. We have retention of more fluid in the organism when we consume salty foods (especially high sodium content). Try to avoid these foods (and microwavable meals) and to choose turkey sandwich or chicken salad for lunch. You have to increase the consumption of vegetables (without salt, or you can change refined salt with himalayan salt) and fruits.

flatten your belly fat

3.Reduce the carbs. Pasta and bagels are tasty, but they are not recommended for people who want to shrink their stomachs. Try to consume foods rich in protein and low fat content such as eggs, cheese and nuts. Brown rice is much better than potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods if you really want to consume carbs.

4.Reduce milk consumption. You are not able to break down the sugar presented in the milk if you are lactose intolerant. That’s the reason you feel bloated, gassy or you have cramps after the consumption of dairy products. Yogurt and hard cheese without lactose are the best alternative.

5.Say goodbye to CRAP.  It stands for processed foods, refined oil, white sugar, white flour, soda drinks, alcohol and caffeine. These things are with extremely poor quality and are really harmful for your overall health.

6.Do not consume spicy foods. Your stomach release more acid when you eat spicy foods. It causes irritation and it’s not good for your belly fat. IF you want to stay on the healthy side, choose fresh and dried herbs.

These dietary changes have to be incorporated into diet for those who really want to get rid of the belly fat in just 6 days.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before.

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