Numerous blood tests that are often quite expensive are the usual way to check if you have any vitamin deficiency. These tests reveal the nutrients you may be missing. However, there is an easier and totally free way to discover if you have any vitamin deficiency.

Pay close attention to your face because it can tell a lot more than you think.



  1. Tender or Bleeding Gum

Aching and bleeding gums accompanied by teeth which are not in good shape indicate deficiency of Vitamin C.

Serious health issues such as scurvy, muscle ache etc. can be caused by insufficient amount of this essential Vitamin.

You can significantly increase the intake of Vitamin C by consuming foods rich in this vitamin such as watermelon, red pepper, papaya, kiwi, mango, cantaloupe, berries, fruits and citrus.

  1. Pale Lips   

You probably have lack of iron if you have pale lips. These signs of insufficient amounts of iron are more visible in men than women. The body actually tries to get the necessary iron by feeling like consuming clay, ice or dirt.

Increase the intake of fish, red meat, dried beans and spinach.

  1. Puffy Eyes

Iodine deficiency can be presented by bloated legs and puffy eyes. Brittle nails, weigh gain and dry skin are also symptoms that you lack of this nutrient.

Table salt is the main source of iodine. You should also increase the intake of fish, saltwater, sea vegetables and seaweed.

  1. Bad Hair

You might have Vitamin B7 deficiency if your hair is full of dandruff, brittle and dry. People usually experience this issue when they take antibiotics which kill intestinal bacteria that synthesize B7.

Increase the consumption of cauliflower, egg yolks and mushrooms.

  1.  Pale Complexion

It may indicate that you Lack of Vitamin B12 if your face gets paler day by day. Fatigue, memory problems and completely smooth tongue are the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Increase the consumption of organic poultry, wild caught fish and more grass-fed meats.

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